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Meet Dr Shelley Smith, the chiropractor and owner here at Ellerslie Chiropractic.

Also a mother, runner, hopeful gardener and crazy dog lover - especially to a wonderful lab Ace

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Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Shelley Smith. Chiropractic only became a part of my life after two significant events led me to it. One being the premature death of my mother due to cancer, and the other was an injury I sustained while running a half marathon. The former nurtured a belief that there had to be a better approach to looking after our health than just relying on the ambulance at the bottom of the hill; and the latter for how well I recovered once I started under chiropractic care.

Before I fulfilled my ambition of becoming a chiropractor, I worked my way up as a hairstylist, then to managing a salon and then co-owning one with my partner at the time. I’ve had plenty of experience in an industry where we enjoy having clients that we treated more like valued friends, rather than just a patient. And so I enjoy bringing that same friendly and warm atmosphere into my clinic.

My love of gentle chiropractic techniques (no cracking) is important to my approach in helping my clients live a healthy, happy, pain-free life as I don’t ever use brute force to make things work. I’ve learnt that using skilful, caring finesse and diagnosis creates better and longer lasting outcomes in most of the things I do. So the techniques I enjoy, and now specialise in, work with the body in a comfortable, gentle and precise way. New clients often express surprise at how such gentle adjustments can make such a big difference to how they feel. So you won’t find me jumping up and down on your back, crunching joints, or cracking your vertebrae - simply because those approaches aren’t needed.

That’s probably more than enough about me, so here’s a final word I’ve learnt to live by; if you’re not getting what you want, do something different. If you’re feeling stiff, lethargic or older than your age, and are wanting to move better, look better and feel better then I can help you - in fact, I’d love to work with you and help rejuvenate your health!

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I’m Shelley, the chiropractor and owner here at Ellerslie Chiropractic. I’m also a mother, runner, hopeful gardener and crazy dog lover - especially to my wonderful lab Ace! Life is busy and I know that if I’m not feeling healthy and good about myself, it’s difficult for me to enjoy my life, and to be the kind of mother and friend I want to be. Contact us to arrange a time to meet and we’ll go to work together on bringing well-being and happiness back into your life now.

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