Arm and Leg Pain

Arm Pain

It’s easy to take your arms and legs for granted until they start to hurt.

Arm and leg pain, numbness or tingling can be caused by a multitude of factors. Overuse, trauma, and circulation problems account for many of the most common issues

Mild aches usually go away in a day or so, but if the pain lasts longer than a few days, it’s best to seek help before it becomes more serious.

Though you may feel the pain in your arms or legs, you might be surprised to find that the real issue is most likely in your neck or back. This is because the nerve supply to your arms originates in your neck, and the nerve supply to your legs comes from your lower back and pelvis. This nerve supply makes up part of your spinal cord, and a build-up of stress and tension in your spine can irritate the nerves. The result? Pain, numbness, tingling or even weakness in your arms or legs.

The good news is that chiropractic care can help with arm and leg pain. By correcting the alignment and stability of your core spine, your entire body communication is improved. This means your body is more accurately aware of its surroundings and so can respond in an appropriate way. Including how you deal with stress. By avoiding the build-up of stress in your spine, you avoid irritating the nerves that often cause your arm and leg problems. Better communication means better function.

At Ellerslie Chiropractic we can accurately locate the problem, and then with specific chiropractic adjustments gently take the stress off your spine and improve your nerve function.

Posted by Shelley Smith on Aug 26 2019

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