Improving Your Posture

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Poor posture can tell you many things about yourself. Improving posture is a key part of improving your quality of life.

Besides looking great, good posture helps you be physically well and have more energy.

Poor posture is an indicator that your body isn’t well aligned and balanced, and so your muscles are working a lot harder just to hold you up. With time you may start to feel stiff and also pain as your muscles and ligaments change in response.

Poor posture also increases the later risk of “wear and tear” damage (degenerative osteoarthritis) as your joints are taking stress in a way they’re not designed to.

Over 80% of neck and back problems are the result of tight, achy muscles brought on by years of poor posture. Other body systems - such as breathing, digestion, growing and healing - can also be affected.

Try sitting slouched in a chair or on the sofa and take a deep breath in, then sit up tall and take another deep breath. Can you notice the difference? Breathing is how you get oxygen to your brain and body, and the more of that we get the better!

What Causes Poor Posture?

Whilst an accident, injury or fall can cause poor posture, more commonly it isn’t just one thing, but a combination of many. And unfortunately, our lifestyles are often an ongoing contributory factor.

Today, posture related problems are more significant than ever as we:

  • Spend more time watching television
  • Use electronics more than ever before, often sitting in front of a screen for hours at a time, and often in a poorly designed workspace.
  • Have more stress as we balance work and personal lives
  • Spend more time sitting in traffic as the roads have become more crowded.
  • Have poor quality sleep due to stress and tension

The good news is you can make improvements to your posture and your health at any age.

Posted by Shelley Smith on Aug 27 2019

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