Being Happy and Healthy During Lock Down

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Things have been tough for everyone lately, but it's still important to focus on your mental and physical well being.

While things may be looking rather bleak in New Zealand (and the whole world) as of late, you don’t have to let the uncertainty of tomorrow ruin your today. It’s important to stay active, physically as well as mentally.

I’ve been trying to focus on the silver lining and reflecting on how this lock down is a chance for personal development and growth. For a lot of people, these four weeks have been the longest amount of time they’ve had off from work for quite some time. Personally, I’ve finally taken up yoga and have been trying to create the habit of doing yoga everyday while I have the time to spare - as an added bonus, it also helps stop me from snacking for a while! The best way to keep active, both mentally and physically, is by challenging yourself. So whether it’s learning an entire new skill set, finally finishing knitting that scarf for winter or simply doing more of what you love, use this time to indulge your future self. What’s going to make you feel the most fulfilled when we all get back to everyday life?

I’d also like to add that while it’s immensely important to be compassionate and considerate to those suffering from COVID-19, as well as their loved ones; don’t let this precious time slip through your fingers. Stay safe, be healthy. I look forward to seeing you all when things calm down.

Posted by Shelley Smith on Apr 13 2020

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