Tending the Garden


An insight on how caring for our garden can be related to chiropractic care and minding our bodies.

Like many Kiwis, I’ve been getting stuck into my garden over the last few weeks. I have a row of liriope planted round three sides of my house. Two of the sides I see regularly so they get a bit of TLC, not a lot, but better than nothing. The other day I decided to share the love with the row on the neglected south side. Now at a glance they’d always looked reasonably happy and healthy, but when I had a closer look I saw that they were smaller, had barely spread to create new plants and were struggling with mealybugs.

It came to me that this was a great example of how our body’s work with chiropractic.

We all grow with or without chiropractic care but like my plants a little TLC can make a big difference to how robust we are.

Chiropractic improves your nervous system functioning so that your brain and body can better communicate. This means you can adapt to your environment as needed and therefore have a better chance of fighting off the human equivalent of the mealy bug.

So now, as we get into level two and life starts to return to normal, it may be a great time to take stock of your health and how you’re looking after it.

If chiropractic sounds good to you, get in touch, I’d love to see you :)

Posted by Shelley Smith on May 12 2020

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