Why Do We Feel Pain?

Woman with sore back.

Pain serves a purpose. Here's why you should start listening to it.

So what is pain?

Have you ever wondered why we experience pain? or what it means?

Most people choose to ignore lesser pain expecting it to go away. They go about their business without giving it a second thought.


To better understand what’s going on in your body, think about the dashboard on your car.

When your car is running perfectly, are any of the dashboard lights on?


Well then, what are these lights for?

When they turn on, they’re saying that something is wrong with your car.

So, what do you do about it?

When the light turns on, you go and have it checked, and fix the problem. Otherwise, your car would continue to be damaged—and eventually break down.

It wouldn’t make any sense to turn the light off first, without fixing the problem.

Yet that’s what we do to our bodies.

Only 10% of your body’s nervous system has pain receptors. This means that if you are experiencing pain, 90% of what’s going on could be undetected.

Pain works in the same way as those warning lights on your dashboard. It’s there to tell your body something is wrong, and needs to be fixed. Taking a pain pill and ignoring the problem may lead to further issues down the road.

That is why chiropractic care focuses on addressing the root issues, we don’t just cover you in bandages and hope for the best. We search for the cause of your pain, and address it at the source. In hopes that we can prevent it from ever coming back.

Keep this in mind the next time you reach for the pain pills before getting quality care.

Posted by Shelley Smith on Oct 6 2020

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