Is it a migraine or a tension headache?

Man rubbing his temples looking sore.

If you’ve ever described your headache symptoms as pulsating, pounding or vice-squeezing, or if you become sensitive to light or sound, have blurry vision, need to lie down or even vomit, then you might be experiencing migraines. Or do you experience more of a dull, aching pain? Pressure or tightness across areas of your head? Tender scalp, neck and shoulders? This sounds more like a tension headache. Does it occur when you’re doing an activity for long periods of time, such as typing, reading or playing a musical instrument, or any task where you make hundreds of repetitive motions? You may notice being in the sun brings on a headache. Do the feelings occur suddenly, or slowly build up over time?

Even milder headaches caused by stress, or poor posture can keep you from concentrating and functioning at your best. It’s hard to enjoy life with a headache! Medication may help you at the time but it doesn’t address the underlying issues.

You might assume that the cause of your migraine or headache is in your neck, but the truth is, the problem could be any one of several areas. If your spine isn’t moving as well as possible or if you have areas of built-up stress in your body this will be impacting your brain-body connection and therefore your level of health and function. At Ellerslie Chiropractic, we take the time to understand when and where your headaches occur, so we can identify what is causing them and develop a care plan just for you. By improving the communication between your body and brain, you more accurately perceive what’s going on and respond appropriately. Giving you relief from your headaches and helping you get back to doing what you love.

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