Improving Posture

Do you often feel tired or lacking in motivation and energy?

Woman sitting at a desk balancing books on her head whilst she reads.

It may be hard to believe but perhaps it’s your posture that’s the problem.

Your posture is a reflection of how your spine naturally holds itself, even when you’re not actively focusing on it!

Good posture has your spine well aligned. Meaning each joint is biomechanically supported, so you’re not using extra energy to hold yourself. Energy you could otherwise be using in other areas of your life. And also degenerative wear and tear on your joints is at a minimum.

Good posture has the right balance of stability (particularly in your pelvis, your body’s foundation); and flexibility.

Good posture encourages your spine to move well, and it’s movement of your spine that feeds your brain!

And lastly, good posture just looks great.

Our bodies weren’t designed with today’s lifestyle in mind and as our lives become busier and more stressful we’re starting to see the impact this is having.

Tightness, reduced flexibility and pain, creating a change in how our spine moves and how we feel.

Your brain uses your spine as its channel of communication. If your spine isn’t moving well there’s a breakdown in this communication and overtime a breakdown in how well you function. Imagine trying to communicate with someone when those lines of communication aren’t clear. It’d be like trying to talk underwater! Lots of scope for miscommunication and misunderstanding. And if you think, this is how your brain is informed of what’s going on with your body (both internally and externally); and it’s this information (correct or otherwise) that your brain relies on for its response.

At Ellerslie Chiropractic we have a good look at your posture and at how your spine is moving. We focus on relieving any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing, and also on improving the balance of stability and flexibility. This reduces the build-up of stress and tension within your spine and leads to an improvement in your posture.

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