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Many of us put up with tension & tightness for a long time because it seems normal.

Tightness or tension is not normal however, it is a sign that something in your body is wrong and the most likely cause is an unhealthy spine.

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Removing excessive tension anywhere in your body can improve your entire health.

Great health requires a certain amount of spinal movement, as this is one of the key ways your cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flows. This fluid contains the nutrients your body uses and also removes your metabolic waste.

In fact your entire nervous system is activated by your CSF.

Your body is supported by a finely balanced structure of bone and muscle, giving the right amount of stability and flexibility. If this balance is out of kilter it impacts all the surrounding parts.

“A problem in your spine will often show up as pain, tension or tightness in a nearby muscle.”

You may think you have a shoulder or knee injury when the problem actually began in your spine!

If there is too much tension and tightness your spine stops functioning well, and over time you may develop other problems as your body compensates.

Chronic tightening leads to rigidity, but we are tensile beings and need movement.

Your brain uses your spine as its means of communication with your body. If your spine isn’t moving well there becomes a breakdown in communication and over time a breakdown in health.

Our lifestyles are often the cause of many of our problems, however when we are properly positioned and supported the movement of our breathing stimulates the movement of our spine and brings about a correction.

In other words a body in balance will self correct.

With gentle chiropractic adjustments we restore proper movement to your spine, so your muscles can relax and your body can communicate and function better.

If you’re not feeling as flexible as you’d like to be, or often feel tense and/or tight give us a call or make an appointment. We’ll do a thorough assessment and help get things freed up and moving.

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Whatever situation you find yourself in, know that when you partner with Ellerslie Chiropractic, we always take the time to understand your goals and health conditions. Together, we will create a plan of action that can fit with you and your family’s life. This means it’s a plan you can actually follow, the kind with attainable outcomes.

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