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Torque Release Technique (TRT)

Learn about the Torque Release Chiropractic Technique that focuses on gentle adjustments of the spine to improve your health.

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TRT is a tonal chiropractic technique that uses an instrument to gently adjust. This means there are no sudden or forceful movements, and no uncomfortable positions are needed to give an adjustment. In fact the more relaxed you are the better!

TRT recognises “Life is an expression of tone” and that any variation of tone reduces your full expression of health.

This could show up as things like headaches, neck or back pain, less movement than you think you should have, or less energy or concentration than you’d like.

By improving the tone, or stress and tension in your spine we can improve how well your body can function.

Tool used in TRT chiropractic method.
Torque Release Technique instrument.

Why An Instrument:

Back in the 1800’s when chiropractic first started out the adjustments were forceful and relied on often awkward and uncomfortable positioning of the body to create maximum tension. A manual thrust was then given by the chiropractor. We’ve come a long way since then.

In TRT the instrument replaces the manual thrust.

The benefits of this are many, to name a few:

The Approach:

TRT is a system that finds the source of spinal tension and addresses the underlying problems.

It does this by focusing on specific connection points between your spinal cord and spinal column. Tiny ligaments hold your spinal cord in place at the top and bottom of your spine. By gently adjusting these specific areas we can change the degree of tension in your central nervous system.

Tension in one part of your spinal system can transfer tension to another part of your spine.

This means that where you’re feeling a lack of movement or pain isn’t necessarily the area that needs addressing. For example pain in your neck may actually be a result of tension in your lower back!

Pain isn’t always a reliable indicator of where, what or how bad the problem is. Interestingly only 10% of your nervous system have pain receptors, so a lot can be going on before you feel any pain.

Heart attacks often show up as mild pain in the arm and some cancer patients are symptom free until it’s life threatening.

The Physical and Emotional Connection:

TRT also looks at the connection between the physical and emotional. Neuropeptides, such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline are protein chemicals in the nervous system that transmit information.

These chemicals aren’t only in your nervous system, they’re actually within cells all through your body.

How you think and feel is hugely influenced by the chemical cocktail within you. And that chemical balance influences how you think and feel.

It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg!

Can you remember a time when you’ve been nervous or excited about something? Did you notice “butterflies” in your stomach? That’s a great example of how connected everything is!

To Sum It Up:

If your spine is tight, your nerves will be getting tight.

If your thoughts or emotions are stressed, your spine will be getting stressed. When we reduce the tension in your spine, your thoughts and emotions will also relax.

This helps explain why chiropractic adjustments can improve more than just physical problems. We often get feedback from clients that they’re sleeping better, feel more on top of things and feeling happier overall.

“The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease”

- BJ Palmer

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